Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'll Keep You Safe...

     This week I've been taking care of my neighbors pets while they're away. They have a dog (to keep anonymity of my neighbors as best I can, let's call her Shadow). Shadow is such a sweet and loving dog, she loves to play and be with people. She's also terribly afraid of thunder, fireworks, and other loud noises that come from outside.
     Today there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain. As soon as I heard the thunder, I went over to my neighbors house as fast as I could. When I walked in, Shadow was panting and hiding behind the couch. I called her over, and she walked up to me shaking and scared. I sat down on the floor next to her and tried to calm her down, but she was still very nervous and shaking. I went and turned the radio up (background noise helps calm her as well as drown out the thunder) and I put her in a thunder-shirt which often helps her too.
      After that she seemed to calm down a little bit, but she was still shaking, panting, and stayed close to me. I sat down on the floor with her again and just held her in my arms and tried to calm her down. If it got bad enough, I'd have to give her a mild tranquilizer to calm her down and help her get through the storm, otherwise she could start tearing things up because of how anxious she gets, and I definitely didn't want to put her on the tranquilizer.
     As the storm started to calm down, I just walked around the house finishing up the other responsibilities I had, Shadow staying close to me. The storm ended up only lasting for about 25 minutes, and while it was slowly coming to an end and moving on, I sat down on the floor with Shadow one more time and held her in my arms and scratched and pet her. I started thinking about how happy it makes me to be able to hold one of God's creatures in my arms, human or animal, and be able to comfort them.
She's so cute and sweet! I love Shadow

      When I first got to my neighbors home, shadow was hesitant and fearful, and came running to me, but ultimately didn't seem to pay any attention to me, and was looking around in fear of the next boom of thunder. I got to thinking about how sometimes that's the way I act in my life regarding God and Christ. Sometimes I get scared, sometimes I get stressed, sometimes I have a bad day, or just struggling, and I get upset or expect God to just take it all away. I don't pay attention to God, I just look around waiting for the storm to pass without even realizing that the Lord is holding me in His arms and helping me through the storms of life.
     Sometimes it takes time for me to realize that God is actually right there with me, all I have to do is recognize that, turn my attention to Him, and let Him hold me and guide me. I have to take that leap of faith that I can let Him take the lead, that I can do my part, and trust in Him to make up for the rest.
     It also made me think about all the blessings God has placed in my life, in particular my amazing friends. So often they have held me or talked to me during times of hardship. They've helped me realize that I'm not alone, that God is there for me, as He is for all His children. My friends and family, such an amazing gift from God, have helped me feel His love and His grace.
     As the storm finished, I got ready to head back home. Said my goodbyes to Shadow and gave her one more hug and rub. Today is a good day, I'm thankful to God for this little reminder in my day of His love for me. Thankful that I had my heart opened to be able to recognize it. Thankful for all my blessings.

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