Friday, June 21, 2013

The Essence of Being a God

     One thing a lot of people question is why does the church not allow same-sex marriage in the temple? Why can same-sex couples not be sealed? This is my insight on it.
     See, the thing is we have a Heavenly Father and Mother, and together, they are God. I do not believe same-sex marriage could ever work out as a God, and the reason is this; the entire reason God is God is so that He and She could have spirit children, and to give those spirit children a chance to become as God's themselves. God is God so that this can happen. Like parents who seek to have and raise children, so is God, but on a grander scale.
     Gender is an essential part not only of God's plan, but of becoming a God. This is a large reason why we needed a body. We needed gender to be expressed physically, thereby giving us the ability to create life. The reproductive capabilities will naturally transfer over as well, meaning if it were possible that a same-gender couple could become a "God", they'd lose their ability to be a God, because they, due to gender, cannot have children, which therefore takes out the whole reason for being a God, which is to have and raise your own spirit children. I believe this is why God will not allow same-sex marriage eternally, because it goes against the very essence of being a God. It's not to "punish" us (those with SSA) it's to guide us and give us the ability to become Gods. It is because God loves us.
     Some may argue that marriage is not, or should not, be essential for eternal life. I believe the same principles apply. You cannot reproduce with yourself. Man and Woman as a couple become one. They complete each other, giving not only the reproductive capabilities, but all the abilities expressed by a God. Again, God is not just He, rather, God is He and She, Heavenly Mother and Father. D&C 131:2; "And in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the priesthood (meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage)"
     Now granted, due to circumstances, trials, &/or choices of their own or others, some people may not have the chance to get married in this life. It has been indicated that under these circumstances, God will provide that person with a spouse in the next life. I see no reason why God would take away the chance for someone who lived worthily to live as a God simply because they were not given a chance for marriage in this life.
     Some may also bring up the point that there are some opposite-sex (heterosexual) couples where one or both of them are unable to reproduce for whatever reason that may be, and may argue that if that's the case, why can't a same-sex couple, who cannot reproduce together, not be given the chance to become a God together? The reasoning is this, in my mind; Christ and God can heal all infirmities if we believe on him. In the next life, if we have lived worthily, God will heal all our sicknesses and infirmities. Reproductive ability, I believe, can and will be restored in the next life, therefore giving the heterosexual couple the ability to become a God, but the same-sex couple not.
     Please understand that I am not trying in any way, shape, or form to be rude, hateful, or judging of people who have made the decision to marry same-sex, I am merely trying to explain why the church has decided what it has and how I have been shown how things will work out.

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