Friday, August 23, 2013


I'm at war within myself. Which side will win? Good or evil, does it matter? I know what I believe, I know what I know, but a side of me doesn't want to let it show. Part of me wants something else, something different. A contradiction, a front, a lie.
Which do I feed and which do I starve? The wolves at war within me, growing strong when I feed them, growing weak when I starve them. Which will I feed today? Good or bad, right or wrong, happiness versus misery, truth against lies. But this is me, not desire, not selfishness.
I am a son of God, that is me. I am Mitchell Clark. I am a warrior, a fighter. I have scars to prove it. I've felt pain, experienced heart break, felt hopeless and beyond saving. I've cried myself to sleep, wished I could die, thought of taking my life, hurt myself, but still I survive. I am a warrior, a fighter.
A voice inside me tells me to give in, to give up. Do I let it win me? Do I give up all I've worked for to please this feeling? Or do I hold my head up, realize all I have, and continue to fight as a warrior and son of God? The answer seems obvious, I know what I should be doing and what would bring me happiness, yet still the war rages on.
Fighting, I triumph, tire and rest, I fall. Feeding the enemy I slip, feeding my spirit I rise. This war is my fight, my choice. I could give up and surrender, for that would bring peace, would it not? Or would it bring further pain and misery simply disguised as peace? This fight, this war, it's mine. I accepted it when I chose God's plan. I'm elect and chosen of God, as we all are. I am an heir to God's powers and glory. I could choose lust, flesh, and temporary happiness and give it all away, or I can be true to what I know and believe.
This is my war. I am a warrior, a fighter.
I am a son of God.
-Mitchell Linford Clark


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  2. I really liked what you wrote. Have you ever read the book Peaceful Warrior?

    1. Thank you Job! I appreciate that. I've enjoyed your blog as well. And I haven't ever heard of Peaceful Warrior. Is it a good book? I'll have to look it up

    2. Thanks man. Way of the Peaceful Warrior is an amazing book. I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

    3. I'll definitely look it up then. Thank you!