Sunday, June 22, 2014

Name Change?

     If you've read my blog before, and just recently came back on to read this new post, or others, you may have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog. I promise you it is just that, a name change, and I'll explain why I changed the name of my blog from "Living My Faith With SSA" to "Gay, Single, & Mormon".
      When I first created my blog, it was as an expansion to my first blog which was part of an assignment in my Journalism class when I was a Senior in High School. When I made my second blog, I was still in class, and all my classmates would easily be able to link to it through my original blog, and as such I was tentative. I wanted my blog to be vague, yet still straight forward in its message, so that I could say what I needed to say without as much of a chance of backlash or offending someone.
     In the process of naming my blog, I also wanted to choose a name that clearly communicated on its own that I was a faithful member of the Church, and for me, using an acronym to explain same-sex attraction (SSA) seemed to communicate that more clearly than stating 'gay' in my title, so it's what I chose to use. I wasn't expecting my blog to be viewed by the world, just a few people, mainly those close to me. I hadn't thought the consequences out when choosing the name of my blog.
     For the past few months the name of my blog has been on my mind. I've been feeling like I want my blogs reach to be expanded. Not because I want a million views (I'm not even 1/10 of the way there), or because I think my blog is the best and I want everyone in the world to read it, it's because I want it to be available to someone searching for answers, or maybe even someone just searching and not knowing what they'll find.
     I've been thinking about the name of my blog, and yes the original name was great, but what it was missing is reach. A small portion of the world would ever use the acronym "SSA" to describe homosexual attractions, and I've been wishing I had thought through the name of my blog more thoroughly before naming it, but what's done is done, and I'm changing it now.
    While I was sitting in Church today, I had the distinct impression to change the name of my blog, and so I'm now following that impression. I hope it doesn't throw anyone off, or make me any enemies, I just felt like I needed to in order to reach more people searching or in need. And don't worry, despite the name change, nothing else (in my control) will be changing about this blog. It's still my main blog, and though it has been a long time since my last post, I will still try to post as frequently as I am prompted and have time.
     Love you all! I'm not sure what this change will bring, but I will trust with excited patience to see how things turn out. I know God must have had a purpose in it, and who knows, maybe I'll be the one to grow most from this.

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  1. Such a great courage! Keep up the good work! :-)