Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lifted Spirit

Hold me and love me, tell me that you care
Keep me, lift me, help me feel you there.
Can you truly lift it? This burden that I bare?
Can you show me love that I never knew was fair?
I’m writhing and hurting, walking in circles in the fog
Breaking and hurting, lost deep inside this smog
Lift me up and carry me away from all this pain
Tell me that I’m worth it all, make me feel the same.
Hold me when I’m lonely, give me rest from all this strife
Tell me where my true love lies, warm me from the ice
I’ve heard of your great love for me. Tell me, is it true?
Can you forgive all the wrong that I always seem to do?
Can You, would You, love me. Love me, well, for me?
The faults I have, the weakness plain
The sins I’ve committed, do I ask in vain?
I know thou hast all power, for you command the sea.
Calmed the storm on raging waters. Can you calm the storm in me?
You were there when the world’s birth took place, held me when I wept
You were there with me before this life, this life so short and kept.
Though humble I have tried to be, my weakness remains strong
That weakness shown in prides blind eye that tells me all is wrong
Blind I’ve been to life’s true meaning, distracted by my cares
Yet still You’ve loved me perfectly, You’ve never left me bare
What then, can I, imperfect, broken, offer such a man?
Who gave His life for me, Him, the perfect untouched lamb?
To Him I bow in awe and wonder, kneeling at His feet.
I know through Him I’m saved, the enemy, He beat.
Though shackles may still hold me captive, He can set me free
For none, save Him, can understand me, or love me perfectly
Christ, my Savior, brother, friend. My dear Lord, Everything
I know I’ll meet Him in the end, and know of His love for me.
-Mitchell Linford Clark